5 things you must do before starting a marketing campaign

marketing campaign preparation

It can be all too easy for non-Marketers to imagine that generating leads is simply a matter of firing off a ‘marketing campaign’. Invariably anyone from the CEO of a start-up to a Sales VP in a major enterprise will answer the question “how do we get more sales?” with […]

Is the time right for Marketing skill in the cloud?

Marketing in the Cloud

The first few months in a year always sees our inboxes inundated with reports of the “top 10 trends of the year” type, and 2017 was no different. The world of B2B Marketing, we are being told, is undergoing massive change and undoubtedly you do need to be abreast of […]

Are bad manners, rather than bad marketing, losing you business?

A few days ago I was contacted by a recruitment consultant via a LinkedIn message. He wanted to discuss an opportunity with me and gave a brief outline. I am not looking for a new job, but it was interesting and in a market area that meant I might be […]

Mutuality in buyer-supplier relations – more Dalai Lama, less Rambo!

We Brits often chuckle smugly at our American cousins, especially the politicians and business consultants, for their habit of creating new ‘gobbledegook’ words at the drop of a hat, rather than using perfectly understandable (our opinion) terms already in the dictionary. It was in this vein, therefore, that I questioned […]

5 things you must change in your marketing

marketing best practice

I recently came across yet another study that served to question the way we currently go about B2B sales and marketing. According to research carried by marketing service provider Constant Contact with their client base of small to medium businesses, 90% of most business comes from current or returning customers. […]

There’s no ROI in CSR…?

No CSR in ROI?

A recent issue of Catalyst, the journal of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, included an article entitled “Get What you Give”. The article proposed that philanthropy in Corporate Social Responsibility should be scrapped in favour of ‘Brand Citizenship’ – which would mean only supporting causes that could be directly and […]

How did Twitter go viral before there was Twitter?

How did Twitter go viral?

In a chat while we were reviewing the INNOVO Social Marketing strategy recently the CMO, Mark West, asked “How did the likes of Google and Twitter become seemingly all pervasive overnight…before the likes of Twitter and Google existed to drive that viral growth?” I thought – “what a great question!”From […]

Is B2B Sales & Marketing a waste of money?

waste of money

Let me be quite transparent here – I hope that I am not about to describe my own whole working life as a waste of money! However, I think that there are areas of concern with all B2B sales and marketing activity in terms of productivity or the ‘bangs you […]

A great marketing strategy – the perfect recipe


I may have been watching too many episodes of Masterchef recently but, while cooking up a mean curry at the weekend, I got to thinking how many similarities there were between the process of preparing and serving a meal with the creation and execution of marketing strategy and business development. […]