A great marketing strategy – the perfect recipe


I may have been watching too many episodes of Masterchef recently but, while cooking up a mean curry at the weekend, I got to thinking how many similarities there were between the process of preparing and serving a meal with the creation and execution of marketing strategy and business development. […]

Stop measuring all those metrics

marketing measures

“You don’t fatten a pig by weighing it” I saw this quote recently in a letter to a newspaper regarding the over-importance placed on school league tables, and thought that it can equally be applied to business. This has definitely not always been the case – it was over 100 […]

Procurement value – so much more than getting a discount


I have written before about the changing relationship between buyers and sellers that is being driven by online content and social media. Purchasers now have upper hand and typically travel a long way along the buying journey before even engaging with the selling organisation. It also means that this knowledge […]

Is there nothing new in B2B marketing?

marketing advice

I had a ‘moment’ earlier this week that both made me feel very old and at the same time comforted that I am bang up to date in my area of expertise! I was doing a bit of Social surfing and commenting on posts from various luminaries on B2B marketing. […]

7 things to do before you even start digital marketing

A business mentor acquaintance who advises Entrepreneurs recently asked me to write a simple guide to Digital Marketing for executives who have not got a detailed marketing background. As I began to plan what was intended to be a short document I soon realised that I would be writing as […]

Science reveals the secrets of buying decisions

value propositions

The wonder that is Sky+ means that I rarely watch live TV these days, unless it is an important sports fixture. For this reason, I have only just caught up with the BBC Horizon science programme documentary entitled “How you really make decisions” and I found it very fascinating for […]

Are the biggest B2B Marketing challenges for 2014 not the obvious ones?

To my simple mind there are basically 3 areas of work mostly carried out by the Marketing function in a B2B solution provider: Market Understanding and Strategy which covers all the activities around understanding your market environment, it’s needs, it’s opportunities, the competition; the defining of a strategy including target […]

Surely it’s all ‘Marketing’ now?

At ICL (those initials will stir memories for people in the UK IT industry who are ‘of a certain age’) I went through a comprehensive Sales Training programme for Business to Business selling modelled on the one employed by IBM. In this course, as Salespeople, we were taught that it […]