Mark KusionowiczMy name is Mark Kusionowicz and I founded Go2Markit Consulting Limited to provide my clients with the benefits of an extensive experience gained from leading Business to Business Marketing (B2B Marketing) for technology companies ranging from the largest, such as IBM and BMC, down to VC funded startups. This is combined with experience of both Sales and Solution Development Management that drives my balanced and pragmatic approach to marketing.

Marketing Strategy Services

We define your target market, size of opportunity, buyer profiles and competitive position to develop your go-to-market strategy.

Marketing Development Services

We create your winning value propositions, solution roadmaps and sales enablement material.

Marketing Execution Services

We develop your marketing plan, craft content and manage inbound and outbound campaigns for demand generation and awareness.

alan coulterMark and I have both worked together and crossed paths across our entire career in the IT Industry. I have always respected him as consummate Marketing Professional who covers all wavelengths of the marketing spectrum from setting the strategic framework, through value proposition development and onto marketing communications, PR and lead generation.
He combines leadership with a highly personable style in engaging stakeholders at all levels to deliver outcomes that range from the expected to the extraordinary.
A rare quality that Mark has is that his range of delivery spans from global enterprises to SMEs and he has particular expertise where the two are trying to work in alliance together, which it treacherous territory!
For my own business, Mark has helped me get over the line from understanding what I think my value proposition to market is to articulating that and communicating it to prospective clients.
Thanks Mark,

aaron mason“Mark has a solid background in sales and marketing, with particular experience in the software industry. I found his advice to be first class and above and beyond expectations.”

Karen Slatford“Mark was an excellent marketeer, very committed, very detailed oriented and had a strong understanding of the market. … Mark was very good at working with other cultures and in building the value propositions for the company.”

Dave Batup“When Mark is around there is no Marketing/Sales divide, he manages to meet the needs of all marketing/sales stakeholders and keep a smile on his face.”

Nick Stacey“He is a strong general manager who is client centric and can balance strategic thinking with tactical focus. He effectively combines a good understanding of markets with strong solution management and marketing skills.”

Phil Brown“Mark is an excellent marketing executive with strong leadership skills and the ability to balance the immediate needs of clients with long term strategy. He is eloquent, insightful and tenacious and works collaboratively across all parts of the organisation to get things done.”

Michele Bryant“Mark was easy to work with and his approach has saved me time and money.A big plus point is that he has introduced my consultancy to new and exciting ideas.The resulting documentation is to the point and easy to follow. “

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